Board of Directors

Executive Board – President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary

President – Chris Kornhoff – 608-754-0744

Realtors,  financial institution and title company requests for information.  Call to report building repairs that are billed to the association – do not call Larry Langer direct unless you are paying.

Treasurer and Vice President – Jane Hartwell – 608-352-7172

Collection of monthly fees, payments of bills, taxes.  Call for all questions regarding budget.

Jane is also the contact for drainage projects within the community.

Secretary – Dennis Dooley – 608-751-0699

Call to report any change of phone number or contact information.  Will send any information notices to members. Responsible for sending minutes and summary to members, any By-Law or Declaration changes.


The Association has signed a three year contract with Miguel from May 2020 to May 2023.

  Larry Ballard, Grounds  – 608-563-1978     

     Irrigation System and TruGreen: Carol O’Flanagan,  – 262-903-8503

     Garage Lights: Tom and Corina Dorcey – 608-295-8115
Dorcey’s will report outages to Donelsons; Wendell will check garage light bulbs, and if sensor                          needs replacing, he will contact Chris.

     Street Lights: Members should call City Services Center at 608-755-3110  direct.  Do not belong to                          CPCA

Building Maintenance

Chris Kornhoff – 608-754-0744
Volunteer: Donna Bailey

Board Members:
Mike Topp – 608-225-5134
Barbara Donelson – 608-758-3426


Note: Send email requests or questions to – emails will be directed to correct person.

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