About Cross Pointe

Cross Pointe Condominium homes are located on Janesville, WI’s north east side at US HWY 14 and East Milwaukee Street. A sixty-four unit complex on a private street, Sienna Crossing.  Cross Pointe is a quiet, private neighborhood featuring its own recreation path around the complex.

5 thoughts on “About Cross Pointe”

  1. Do not leave questions here, please email us at cross.pointe@yahoo.com with any questions or concerns you may have or they may not be seen. Thank you.

  2. You may replace vinyl with soft surface vinyl no hard surface vinyl or hardwood.   You cannot put vinyl or any other material other than carpet in any areas that is now carpeted.  Hope this answers your question. Chris From: Cross Pointe Janesville To: cross.pointe@yahoo.com Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015 4:06 PM Subject: [New comment] About Cross Pointe Laurie commented: “I’ve read in your bylaws that on second floor no changes can be made to the floors. What if I wanted to replace the existing linoleum with another one that I like that i think appears more like real tile even though it is not. But it still would be the same” | |

  3. Ralph M Rogers said:

    Was wondering if you had any openings for one of your townhouse?

  4. No

  5. cindy straight said:

    I was wondering if you any able

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